Positive culture and outsourcing

The importance of a positive organisational culture is well known in the corporate world today. A positive culture increases employee happiness and mental health across the board, which then improves productivity and efficiency, as well as increasing the level of staff loyalty. Ensuring that values such as integrity and honesty are successfully integrated throughout the organisational structure is key to fostering this sort of positive culture.

The importance of positive culture also exists on a macro level with businesses focusing more and more on Corporate Social Responsibility, which is not only important in making sure your business is having a positive impact on the community, but also in terms of business reputation.

An element of organisational culture that is often overlooked, however, is the importance in ensuring the values and practices of your business align closely with businesses you partner with. The values of partnering businesses (such as outsourcing and supply partnerships) should align closely with those of your own organisation, because in the case of partnerships such as outsourcing, their processes are in essence also your own.

The reputation and values of the organisations your partner with are a reflection on your own. With services such as outsourcing, partnering with an organisation that shares key values like honesty and integrity means that you can ensure all of your businesses processes are carried out to the same standard, even those being carried out externally. The quality and values of your partnering businesses are very much a reflection on your own, particularly when it comes to customers and other stakeholders.

Working with other organisations that share a similarly positive culture also means you’ll be more likely to have quality interactions with those businesses. When outsourcing a service or process, you should expect high quality returns, and you need to feel confident you will get them.

The integrity of the business you outsource your processes to will affect your dealings with them, and you need to be able to rely on them to deliver what they’ve promised. By aligning with businesses that share values and a positive culture with your own organisation, you’ll be much more comfortable in maintaining longstanding partnerships with them.

This in turn saves time and money by avoiding the re-briefing and adjustment periods that occur when you have to find new outsourcing partners.

A positive corporate culture and strong values should exist in any organisational structure, both internally and externally. But just as important is ensuring your business is partnering with others that share those same qualities.